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Limestone is a problem for all equipment using water but for the dishwasher this problem is the most important: firstly, Limestone clog pipes and nozzles and is deposited on the heating elements prematurely ruining the equipment and on the other hand, the limestone slows the action of detergent and remain on glasses (white streaks).
Using a water treatment system, permit to reduce the hardness (amount of lime water).
It’s is always advisable in order to prolong the life of the equipment and improve performances.
Hemerson proposes a new automatic water softener: CF6 model that combines versatility, ease of use, small size with a very affordable price.
The softener has an electronic display that makes it easy to program.
You can choose also to set three regenerations per day and this makes it usable to any degree of hardness and with more equipment (for example you can branch in the same time the coffee machine and the glass-washers to one CF6 without problems).
The dimensions are very interesting: Width 23cm, Depth 45cm, Height 42cm.
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